For Democrats, September may be the cruelest month


The bungled evacuation of Afghanistan (“surrender” seems the more appropriate word, considering the massive war materiel left behind intact for the Taliban) has teed up what could be a disastrous month of September for the Democrats. Already, spontaneous chants of “F*ck Joe Biden” are breaking out in public venues, as widespread discontent that the media prefer to ignore manifests itself, fueled by the very suppression of their views. And just yesterday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law the voting integrity that Democrat legislators (aka, ”fleebaggers”) attempted to stymie by fleeing to Washington, DC on a pair of private jets, photographed not wearing face masks, only to encounter apathy from their allies at best and savage (and telling) mockery from their enemies. […] The month is barely a week old, and Congress isn’t even in session. The solons reconvene next week, and that is not good news for the Dems, despite (really, because of) their majorities in both houses. If elections were going to be held this November instead of next year, the Dems would be in terrible shape. Will they be able to recover in the extra year? I wouldn’t count on it.

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