Dr. Tam failed to consult medical professionals on federal pandemic response


According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, federal scientists refused to speak with Canada’s doctors on pandemic planning because of the election. The chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, said she could not discuss the incident. “I can’t speak to the exact nature of the interactions with the Canadian Medical Association Journal,” said Tam. “We are trying to help.” The Journal on September 2 said both Tam and the chair of an expert panel on vaccinations declined multiple requests for interviews and briefings because of the election campaign, reported Blacklock’s. The Department of Health “has a long history of restricting access to government scientists,” wrote the Journal. Mark Johnson, a spokesperson for the Public Health Agency, told the Journal on August 25 that Tam wasn’t taking interviews, but reporters could “check back after Thanksgiving.” The periodical said it “has been trying since July to arrange an interview with National Advisory Committee on Immunization chair Dr. Shelley Deeks about COVID booster shots and vaccinations for young children, among other evolving issues,” and was again denied access.

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