Americans Turned Away From Hospital As Afghan Refugees Take Priority


An influx of refugees is straining Northern Virginia to the point that native-born Americans are being turned away from a local hospital. “A hospital near the Dulles Expo Center that federal officials designated as a go-to spot for medical treatment began running out of available beds, forcing the hospital to turn away non-Afghan patients who weren’t in need of critical care,” the Washington Post reported. The hospital is treating Afghans who have been transported by the planeload to Dulles Airport outside D.C. following the U.S. withdrawal and Taliban control of the country. The Post cited Kristen Nickerson, executive director of the Northern Virginia Emergency Response System, a small board which she said is not set up or prepared to take care of refugees, but which has had to fill a gap. The tracking of refugees in hospitals has been so disorganized that a one-month-old infant was temporarily lost, and the situation was so “terrible” that it added to the “trauma” of refugees who were beaten by the Taliban, Nickerson said. Area leaders are asking the Biden administration to shoulder some of the burden placed on the community, to little avail.

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