Is COVID a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated? Not Quite


Physicians spreading medical misinformation, particularly about COVID, “are risking disciplinary action by state medical boards” due to their “high degree of public trust” and their “powerful platform in society.” One could say this applies more so to the president of the United States, the CDC director, and to major newspapers and media organizations, all of whom have a far larger platform than any single doctor. […] Those supposedly in the know about “the science” may attribute misinformation to evolving science, meaning we are learning about COVID as we go along. Yet this is not the world’s first rodeo with a respiratory virus. The science behind public health measures including masks, distancing, and lockdowns have been known for decades. It seems that the only changes these days are political considerations, and that is not science. A popular catchphrase this past summer is that COVID is, “a pandemic among the unvaccinated.” President Biden told this to America on August 18. […] Big media parroted this catchy slogan with little question. Is it true? Is it based on science or simply a push to scare and shame the unvaccinated into taking the vaccine?

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