Chris Selley: With fake war over vaccination policies, Liberals making a drama out of a farce


Over the long weekend, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh authored perhaps the finest moment of the federal election campaign thus far — not a high bar, but beggars can’t be choosers. The ridiculous fake war over small differences between the Liberals’ and Conservatives’ stances on “mandatory” vaccination continues to suck up far too much oxygen. Singh popped that balloon with a letter to his Liberal, Conservative, Bloc Québécois and Green Party counterparts suggesting they all present a united front. “We cannot risk turning vaccination into an issue that people define by partisanship,” Singh wrote. “As federal leaders, it is our job to lead and unite our country during these challenging times. Vaccines are safe, easy, and necessary,” Singh proposed the leaders jointly tell Canadians. “If you are eligible, you should get vaccinated.” All four addressees have agreed in principle — an implicit and welcome admission that their agreements on this issue vastly outweigh their disagreements. Whatever this joint message ends up looking like, it is unlikely to send people stampeding to pharmacies.

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