Kelly McParland: If Justin Trudeau can’t have your love, he’ll settle for fear


Justin Trudeau is looking for something he can use to scare people. He needs it badly. After six years in power, his Liberals don’t have a record they feel is sound enough to win them re-election, so they’re seeking someone or something to attack. When he launched his bid for a new mandate, the prime minister had obviously been assured his government enjoyed enough favour with voters to anticipate a fairly easy victory. Everyone was talking about a majority. Instead, it’s become evident in the three weeks since campaigning began that not a lot of people feel that way. Most, in fact, don’t think we should be going through an election at all. So he’s stuck trying to convince Canadians that — even if they don’t like him much — any alternative would be worse. And hoping they believe it. To do that he needs a target. Something alarming he can wave at crowds in hopes of spooking them. The man who entered office preaching the gospel of sunny ways hopes to get another shot at power by finding a wedge he can use to divide voters into opposing camps, turning them against one another and generating as much discord as he can manage.

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