Former British P.M. Tony Blair Rips Biden Afghanistan Withdrawal: Gives ‘Our Opponents A Belief Our Time Is Over’


Speaking to the Royal United Services Institute to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and discuss the withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair implicitly slammed President Biden, stating, “It is clear now, if it wasn’t before, that America has decided for the foreseeable future it has a very limited appetite for military engagement,” adding that “short term political imperatives” have given “our allies anxiety and our opponents a belief our time is over.” […] “The Taliban are part of the global movement of radical Islam. The movement contains many different groups but they share the same basic ideology. In simple terms, this holds that there is only one true faith, only one true view of that faith, and that society, politics, and culture, should be governed only by that view. Radical Islam not only believes in Islamism, the turning of the religion into a political doctrine but in the justification of struggle if necessary, armed struggle to achieve it. Other Islamists agree with the ends but eschew violence; but the ideology itself is in inevitable conflict with open, modern culturally tolerant societies.”

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