Fact Check: Fearmongering Liberal attack ad full of misleading claims about O’Toole


A recent Liberal Party attack ad released this weekend contained several false claims about Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole. The ad, which was shared by the party’s official Twitter account, misled Canadians on three of O’Toole’s actual positions and instead relied on misrepresenting O’Toole’s views to provoke fear. In the video, the Liberals present three misleading claims about the Conservative leader. The claims are that Erin O’Toole wants to make Canada’s healthcare private and for-profit, that O’Toole wants to make assault weapons legal, that the Conservatives want to push anti-abortion laws and that O’Toole denies climate change. Each of these claims is verifiably false and a misrepresentation of O’Toole’s actual stated positions. […] For some time now, the Liberals have been floating a heavily edited video of the Conservative leader discussing private healthcare options for Canadians. Despite the fact that Twitter flagged the clip, which was posted by Liberal Party Candidate Chrystia Freeland, as “manipulated media” the Liberals have continued to use the doctored clip as evidence that O’Toole secretly wants to make all healthcare private in Canada.

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