Democrats bet the future of their party on his assurances…and now he tells them they’ve blown it


There is a good argument to be made that the most influential figure in the Democrat party for the last three decades is political scientist named Ruy Teixeira. Teixeira co-authored a 2002 book, The Emerging Democrat Majority, that told Democrats that the demographic rise of Hispanics and the decline of whites (as if many Hispanics were not Caucasian) all but guaranteed one-party power. Because his co-author was a DAWM — a Dreaded Anglo White Male, Teixeira got most of the attention and power out of the prognostication, because, after all, white males are out of favor with the Dems. More than anything else, this dream of political power on the backs of Hispanic immigrants — and illegal aliens — is responsible for the open borders that characterize this country right now, and whenever a Democrat is in the White House. But it turns out — much to the shock and dismay of Democrats — that people who speak Spanish have brains that function, and human agency — the ability to make up their own minds and act on the basis of conclusions they reach. This sort of behavior may be frowned on by the Democrats, whose party chief after all declared, “You ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him.

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