Biden’s free fall


Biden’s approval ratings are in a free fall, with good reason. Pluralities disapprove of the president’s performance, based on the RealClearPolitics and FiveThirtyEight polling averages. His approval rating is in the mid-40s, a drop of about 10 percentage points from just five weeks ago. […] So what does Biden do when he’s under pressure? He lashes out and lies, just as he’s done his entire career. A few days ago, he condemned the Supreme Court after it allowed Texas’s pro-life law to take effect. (Thanks to President Trump and his three appointees.) On September 3, he falsely claimed he had visited the Pittsburgh synagogue where a shooter killed 11 people. Nope, didn’t happen, as the White House had to later admit. It was President Trump and several members of his administration who visited. Biden has a reputation for making false or embellished claims. He dropped out of his first presidential campaign in 1988 due to plagiarizing speeches by a British politician. He also admitted to plagiarizing a law school paper. He also recently acknowledged he was not arrested while visiting Nelson Mandela in prison, as he falsely claimed.

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