Biden’s Afghanistan disaster — and his lies —are strong grounds for impeachment


President Joe Biden, the oldest man ever elected to the most powerful office in the world, is not merely doddering in a palpable senility, flailing haplessly before the cameras with a wizened countenance. He has not merely exposed himself, both physically and mentally, as wholly unfit for the formidable task required of an American president in 2021: that of a Lincoln-esque statesman able to tame a nation’s simmering angst, salve a fractious republic’s gaping wounds and reorient ourselves toward the pursuit of a coherent common good. Biden is, quite simply, a man unsuited to meet the challenges of the present moment. He is out of his league and, one hopes sooner rather than later, will find himself out of political time. Indeed, there is a compelling case that that time is right now. The way Biden has handled America’s (admittedly long-overdue) withdrawal from the backwater of Afghanistan has been so inexplicably botched, so patently dripping with gross malfeasance and so clearly subversive of his solemn constitutional oath and his foremost commander-in-chief prerogative that the proper short-term remedy is obvious: impeachment.

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