Biden looking to reboot Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy: report


Some White House officials reportedly viewed the Supreme Court ruling last week upholding the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy as a chance to slow the pace of President Biden’s immigration changes that they feared were sparking the crisis at the border. Many of them, according to the New York Times, had already been thinking about rebooting former President Donald Trump’s policy in a narrow way to stem the tide of migrants. The officials saw the justices’ decision as a way to give Biden political cover to alter his predecessor’s immigration policy without angering Democrats who railed against those programs during the past four years. Ditching the Remain in Mexico program was one of several Trump’s immigration programs that Biden reversed or rolled back in the early days of his administration — and that critics contend acted as a welcome invitation to migrants from Mexico and Central American countries. There have been more than 1 million illegal border crossings this year, breaking records month over month. […] Biden officials also are worried about the implications the out-of-control border situation would have on midterm elections next fall.

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