The Establishment Media Is Once Again Doing Trudeau’s Bidding


The establishment press has gotten the message to push the Liberal narrative and protect Trudeau in order to defend their source of forced taxpayer-funding. In the first weeks of the election campaign, the Trudeau Liberals fell big time in the polls. In large part, this was due to the anger at Trudeau calling an election for the obvious sole purpose of gaining a majority government to expand his power. His attempts to divide the country on vaccinations, and his demonization of unvaccinated Canadians also backfired on him, as it was so clearly a political move — and so contradictory to his previous statements —that it further showed how Trudeau will say literally anything to try and hold on to power. The Liberal campaign got off to such a slow start that the establishment media had no choice but to cover the growing Trudeau debacle. But, as we have repeatedly seen, the establishment media is always waiting for the moment to make ‘the pivot,’ and switch to their usual role of defending Justin Trudeau and ripping into the Conservatives. After all, their funding depends on it.

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