Most Globalists are power-hungry oligarch tyrants


Rich people and rich corporations including international banks rule the world and their primary goal is to make money the monopolistic capitalist way. Their ideology is not necessarily fascist or communist but most power-hungry oligarch tyrants basically prefer a one party system which has been corrupted by money. In China about 50 families own all the important wealth in the country, but almost all are members of one party, the CCP. In the United States many corporate oligarchs are neither fascist nor communist in their ideology but believe in controlling a one-party system which today seems to be the Democrat party. In the world many oligarch tyrants believe in censorship of the press, especially views against one party rule, and are against traditional individual rights and responsibility or conservative thinking and acting. Censorship in China can mean imprisonment or even death and in the United States it is censorship in the form of blacklisting or denial of financial freedom as in the case of Google suspending the Parler app and Paypal’s financial censorship of Larry Brandt, who used Paypal to fund internet freedom.

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