MALCOLM: How Trudeau is losing the support of voters


Some Canadians really, really, really dislike Justin Trudeau. We have seen this anger manifest in large protests — sometimes ugly, vulgar and unruly — across the country at Trudeau’s campaign events. When people hear that Trudeau is in town, many show up to give him a piece of their mind. The anti-Trudeau protests, however, are not the only evidence of the turning of the tides. An Angus Reid poll from late August told us that “Trudeau (is) now the most unfavourably viewed major party leader in the country.” “The Liberal leader is now the most intensely disliked among his major party challengers, with fully two-in-five (41%) saying they view him ‘very unfavourably.’” How did Trudeau lose the support of Canadians? Gradually, over the course of six years of growing anger over scandal, mismanagement and arrogance, then suddenly, during a 36-day election campaign Trudeau triggered himself, for selfish purposes, without realizing his own unpopularity.

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