John Ivison: O’Toole’s reversal on gun policy may save his campaign


Erin O’Toole delivered his morning press conference with his back to the Burrard Inlet but in political terms, his back was to the wall. The Liberals have found their wedge — gun control — and have been hammering it home with gusto. Justin Trudeau said on Sunday that O’Toole wants to take the country backwards on gun control. O’Toole has had difficulty registering a counter-argument because the platform he waves around with abandon is clear — the Conservatives will maintain the 1977 ban on automatic weapons but repeal the order-in-council from May 2020, in which the Liberals outlawed many semi-automatic weapons. The Conservative leader has argued his position is clear, but the only clarity was that the Liberals and the media would keep poking at this open sore until election day. O’Toole is intent on re-branding his party, which was apparent in the answer to a question about how he would re-assure NDP voters to allow them to vote for the party of their choice, rather for the Liberals to block a Conservative government. “We have a new leader, a new approach and a plan to get the country back on its feet to deal with inequality,” he said.

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