Gun advocates hit back at Liberal attacks on Erin O’Toole’s gun plan


Firearms advocates are calling out the Liberals for stoking fear and misinformation as they take aim at Erin O’Toole’s approach to firearms ownership. “Desperation is causing the Liberals to do and say awful things,” said Tracey Wilson, vice-president of public relations for the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights. During the TVA debate Thursday night and in the days since, the Liberals have been accusing O’Toole of pursuing American-style gun access and planning to legalize “assault weapons.” Liberal candidate Bill Blair said O’Toole has “an allegiance to the gun lobby,” which he cast as “proxies to the NRA in the U.S.” This couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Wilson. “We’re a group of RCMP vetted gun owners who want fair and effective legislation for gun owners, and legitimate work to reduce actual crime,” she said. Blair said in a statement Friday that O’Toole lied to Canadians by promising to maintain the ban on assault rifles during the French leaders’ debate on Thursday. “Canadians overwhelmingly support strong gun control measures in our society,” said Blair. “Erin O’Toole doesn’t.”

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