China Bans ‘Sissy,’ ‘Girlie’ Men From TV


On September 3, Amazon released its highly touted remake of “Cinderella” featuring Billy Porter in the role of a genderless fairy godmother. In China, a production like this just became illegal. That’s because the country’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) announced Thursday that it has instituted new measures to keep “effeminate” men off Chinese screens. Using the term “niang pao” or “girlie guns” — a slur for men who exhibit womanly characteristics — the officials called for “resolutely [putting] an end to sissy men and other abnormal aesthetics” on television. To that end, they introduced an eight-point plan designed to address the kind of entertainment they said is responsible for “severely polluting the social atmosphere” and wielding a bad influence over China’s youth. One of the key avenues, it appears, regulators are pinpointing for keeping the girlie men off screens is by barring broadcast and TV companies from showing talent competitions and “idol development programs or variety shows.” […] The Party also instructed entertainment producers not to cast actors with “lapsed morals” and “incorrect political positions.”

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