The Forever War is Islam’s War on the West


Imagine after Pearl Harbor, FDR announcing, “We’re getting into this to bring human rights to Japanese women” or “Our goal in this war is give Germany a democracy.” He would have been laughed out of office. There was only one legitimate reason to go into Afghanistan after 9/11 and it’s the same reason that should have impelled us to stay — not human rights, democracy or nation-building — but saving our nation. We went to Afghanistan to root out terrorism, to destroy Al Qaeda’s infrastructure, to disrupt its network — and, quite frankly, to kill as many terrorists as possible. The goal was to kill them there so they wouldn’t kill us here, as they did on 9/11. Everything else was extraneous. That the mission failed may be seen in just how quickly the Taliban made a comeback, except now, with the most modern weapons in the region — thanks to Quartermaster Joe. The cut-and-run crowd called it “the forever war.” Rubbish.

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