From new benefits to new taxes: How the Liberal platform would affect your bottom line


The Liberals were the last major party on Wednesday to release their election platform, which promises $78 billion in fresh spending over the next five years. The 82-page document details Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s vision for the next few months of the pandemic and beyond, detailing how a newly elected Liberal government would support the roll-out of vaccine passports, cut emissions in the oil and gas sector, and confront the legacy of residential schools, among many other commitments. “With the next 18 months and the next 18 years … we have a plan to move forward for everyone,” Trudeau told reporters on Wednesday. Overall, the Liberals’ re-election plan is expected to generate $25.5 billion in new revenue over the next five years, adding $70 billion to the federal debt over the same period. The Liberals are the first major party to include full costing of their platform, but because of time constraints, the parliamentary budget office did not cost all promises.

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