BONOKOSKI: Hey! Isn’t that “sunny” Sophie, Trudeau’s épouse?


The most recent campaign email, though, was not from some forgettable party hack but from Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s épouse and mother of their children. She signs her name with a swoosh flourish, complete with a kid-like miniature sketch of the sun at the end. “Sunny ways,” for sure. Seems all those varied rumours about some form of marital discord in the Trudeau household that everyone in the national press gallery and beyond has heard are untrue. Sophie’s job was to jog memories of 2015 when Trudeau’s third party romped its way to a majority victory, ousting the dastardly Conservatives of Stephen Harper, in power for almost 10 years. “This campaign has already been quite the ride, Mark,” Sophie writes in her campaign letter. “Join us as we step up our work to keep building a better future. I’m feeling so grateful that I get to share this important time with you.”

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