Analysis: New negative ads from the Liberals an admission it’s a tight race


The Liberal Party of Canada unleashed a trio of television ads Saturday attacking Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives using the trifecta of oft-tried Liberal wedge issues: abortion, gun control and two-tier health care. “Canadians deserve to know where their party leaders stand,” the party said in a press release. “These new ads show Erin O’Toole, in his own words, detailing how he would ‘take Canada back.’” The ads, all in English, are each 30-second spots titled, “The Record,” “In His Own Words,” and “Take Back Canada.” The Conservatives responded within hours, releasing their own pair of 30-second ads, “Justin Says” and another untitled one which debuted on Twitter and, in a press release, the party said they were a response to the “cynical, American-style[Liberal] attack ads, designed to create fear and division among Canadians.”

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