Rex Murphy: I miss Donald Trump and the hypnotic hold he had on his enemies


Biden is a stumbling, unready leader, visibly in a state of intellectual entropy. I miss Donald Trump. Not so much in any personal sense, but in the sense that while his lively demeanour and super energetic style inhabited the White House all the world was fed a daily diary of his doings and sayings. Some say Mr. Trump leveraged his years on The Apprentice (a show I could not stand, it was worse than the Dragon’s Den, another 30 minutes offering a preview of Purgatory without the escape clause) to earn the fame that brought him to the Presidency. This is an error. It is not so much that reality television brought Donald Trump to the White House, as that Donald Trump brought the White House to reality television. Whether the White House or reality TV suffered the more from this interesting collision will require history to determine. I miss Mr. Trump as well because of the fascination he exerted on almost everybody, and particularly the hypnotic power over those who radically despised him. His gift for disconcerting his enemies was something beyond biology: he had something like a Draculean hold over their spirits. He exhaled; they fretted madly.

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