Texas Heartbeat Bill Takes Effect With SCOTUS Approval


Texas has taken a major stride in supporting the sanctity of life. At midnight Wednesday, the state’s heartbeat bill went into effect. This allows private citizens with information about a criminal abortion to report it to law enforcement or sue any abortion provider who kills an unborn child after a heartbeat is detected. Additionally, any person who aids or abets these illegal abortions can also be sued. Pro-life women like the director of Texas Right to Life, Elizabeth Graham, believe the law’s unique framework will keep the abortion battle out of the “talons of activist judges.” “When we devalue a child, whether that’s at 40 weeks of pregnancy or a minute after birth born, we really are devaluing the rest of our brothers and sisters, born and unborn,” she stated. Graham said the law represents a turning point in the nation and is a huge victory for women. “The point of the law is to protect unborn children and to recognize the humanity of the unborn child who has a heartbeat, who has fingers, toes, hair, eyes,” she continued. “And to empower the mother to chose life and feel like she can bring a child into the world with the multiple resources available.”

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