Liberals incentivize handgun bans with $1 billion fund


The Liberals will set aside a minimum of $1 billion for provinces and territories who implement a ban on handguns to dip into, in order to “keep our cities and communities safe.” “This is a perfect example of the Liberals tip toeing around something they know is doomed to fail,” Tracey Wilson, Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights told the Western Standard. “A national handgun ban would be completely rejected and beyond anything they could afford. It’s literally an Olympic sport and far less palatable as their ‘assault style rifle’ ban. Not to mention it would end every one of the 1600 gun clubs and ranges across the country.” Wilson suggests that Trudeau is happy to let the municipalities shoulder this on their own, and throw some funding at them in order to “pacify any outcries of expense.” “Of course this would only apply to licensed gun owners with legal guns, as a municipal ban is simply a change to the storage and transport regulations in a particular jurisdiction. Gang bangers, thugs, and criminals are exempt,” said Wilson. Trudeau’s platform criticizes O’Toole for his “support of the gun lobby” which would “resume the proliferation of ‘assault-style firearms’ in Canada.”

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