Conservatives highlight Trudeau Liberals’ infrastructure corruption and failures in new statement


The Conservative Party released a statement on Wednesday criticizing Trudeau’s 2015 infrastructure plan, that they say never came to fruition. The statement, titled “Getting infrastructure built”, highlights the Trudeau Liberals’ shortcomings on getting infrastructure built. “… the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) found there was no additional infrastructure built in Canada over and above what would have otherwise been built,” write the Conservatives. “In fact, the Liberals allowed one-third of the infrastructure funding for their Investing in Canada Plan for 2016-2019 to sit unused. The PBO found that the infrastructure plan touted by the Liberals “does not exist.'” The statement goes on to criticize the Trudeau government’s Infrastructure Bank, something the Conservatives say Trudeau falsely promoted as being in operation by 2017 “with a clear mission to invest $35 billion of federal funding in revenue-generating infrastructure projects. “The PBO also found the CIB has had a limited impact since it was not successful in securing private investment and has failed to invest the billions of dollars set aside for its mandate,” the Conservatives wrote.

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