Protests dogging Trudeau on the campaign trail are being loosely organized online


Observers say they don’t see any centralized group driving the protests. It’s something almost as old as elections themselves. Demonstrators show up at political leaders election campaign events, chanting and holding signs. Often, the protests are organized by existing interest groups or political opponents. While they make a lot of noise, they are predictable. But many of the protests following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau around during in this election don’t fit that pattern. Their organization is more ad hoc, with protesters sharing information on a wide variety of social media platforms about Trudeau’s whereabouts. The protests themselves feature a more palpable level of anger and the use of language more obscene than is typical of political protests — and are often fuelled by what participants have been reading online about COVID-19, vaccines and pandemic-driven restrictions on economic activity and personal liberties.

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