O’Toole promises to scrap Liberal infrastructure bank, high-speed internet for all


Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is promising to scrap the Liberal government’s infrastructure bank and ensure every Canadian has high-speed internet by 2025. Getting more shovels in the ground on massive public projects is one way he’s pledged to recover Canada’s economy from the COVID-19 pandemic. O’Toole criticized the Liberal government for sitting on billions of dollars in what he called the “failed” Canada Infrastructure Bank, which was established after Justin Trudeau’s win in 2015 to attract private dollars for public projects. “Unlike the Liberals, we won’t condition funding so narrowly, to whether the project can be described as ‘green infrastructure,”‘ he told reporters from his party’s downtown Ottawa broadcast studio. The Conservative leader vowed to immediately dedicate the existing money to infrastructure that is ready to get built and give cities and First Nations better access to federal infrastructure funding by cutting down on red tape. O’Toole also promises that a Tory government would build the digital infrastructure needed to give all of Canada high-speed internet by 2025.

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