Infamous man who ‘married’ his sex doll is ‘in love’ with ashtray now


This kinky beefcake is proof that love is strange — or at the very least a viral thirst trap. Yuri Tolochko — who infamously married his specially designed sex doll Margo last November in a “wedding ceremony” attended by dozens of guests — has found a new love match: a giant ashtray he wants to adorn with an artificial vagina. Where did the “pansexual” 36-year-old hairball of muscle meet his bizarre new love. At the club, of course. Although the proudly bald social media star from Kazakhstan noticed the ashtray a while ago, he claimed it was only when he arranged a photo shoot with the butt receptacle — during a paid personal appearance at the venue — that he discovered he had feelings for it. Goodbye fleshy, lifelike silicone — this daring dude is into hardcore heavy metal now! “I liked it — the smell of it, the touch of metal on my skin. It’s fantastic,” he proudly declared to Jam Press. “I like the touch of sharp metal on my skin, it excites me so I think you can understand what attracts me to this ashtray.” Rumor has it Tolochko met his new love while estranged from his wife Margo, with whom his marital bond was reportedly “broken” sometime last year.

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