Here We Go Again: Investigation Finds 82k ‘Lost Votes’ in Wisconsin


The next time your liberal sister-in-law, (are you really still talking to her? tells you there is no such thing as a shady election, show her this article. FACT-O-RAMA! Evidence is not proof, but enough evidence might lead to proof. That said, there is a growing mountain of evidence in numerous states involving possible election fraud. Wisconsin somehow “lost track” of more than 82,000 mail-in ballots cast in the November 2020 election that Joe Biden won by a mere 20,000 votes. That’s more than four times the margin of difference. This news comes from a report by the nonprofit Public Interest Legal Foundation. A further breakdown by the legal group shows that 1.4 million ballots were sent by mail. Of those, 6,458 were undeliverable, 2,981 mail-in ballots were rejected, and a vast majority, 76,308, met an “unknown” fate. “The federal data show the 2020 election had more mail ballots that were never counted, than the margin of victory in the presidential election in Wisconsin,” J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation and PJ Media contributor, said in a statement. […] The Wisconsin Elections Commission disputes the findings.

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