Biden throws a tantrum


Our hapless president’s speech on Tuesday was not a speech at all. It was a full-blown childish tantrum. While he was ostensibly celebrating his massive “airlift” of thousands of mostly Afghan refugees, from the beginning, it was clear he is extremely angry. He almost shouted his claim that his catastrophic misadventure in Afghanistan has been a smashing success. This is a huge lie, and everyone knows it, even those trying to spin this debacle as a win. In fact, Biden’s surrender has probably set a genocide in motion, just as our betrayal of the South Vietnamese gave birth to the killing fields. Women and girls are sure to be brutalized. Biden had promised for days that no American would be left behind but, of course, hundreds, perhaps even thousands, have been left behind. Some even made it to the airport and were then denied flights home by U.S. forces on the ground there. Thousands of those who escaped were rescued […] by retired vets and private organizations who set out to do what the government would not. Biden is, and has always been, a pathological liar of the worst kind, the kind who lies to boost his own ego, no matter how easy it is to prove his dishonesty.

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