What’s needed from Canada’s federal parties to help save Ontario’s Lake Simcoe


With the 2021 Canada election fast approaching, many of the country’s party leaders have announced plans to fight climate change and protect the environment — but will they be enough to save Ontario’s Lake Simcoe and the surrounding area? The answer is complicated because land use and sewage are regulated under the province of Ontario’s jurisdiction, though local environmental experts say there are a number of actions that the federal government can take to help the situation. Currently, Lake Simcoe is in “OK health,” according to Claire Malcolmson, the executive director of the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition, but more needs to be done to maintain its well-being. “The lake’s major problem is phosphorous pollution,” she told Global News. “It’s in dirt, so when you strip a piece of land bare for agriculture or for urban development or suburban development, the wind whips that up and it becomes airborne.”

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