Psaki: ‘We Have Enormous Leverage Over The Taliban’


On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about what kind of “leverage” the United States has over the Taliban. Psaki pointed reporters to the remarks Secretary of State made on Monday. She went on to say that “we have enormous leverage over the Taliban.” She said that includes “access to the global marketplace,” claiming that is “not a small piece of leverage.” “In order to gain access to the global marketplace, we’re going to be watching closely as will the global community. I would note that yesterday, the U.N. Security Council also…passed a resolution that made clear to what the expectation is in terms of safe travel and evacuation, or departure, I should say, of individuals who want to leave Afghanistan,” she added. Psaki also said that “nearly half of the countries in the world have also signed onto a statement making clear that is the expectation.” She went on to say that the engagement with the Taliban will continue “through our ongoing channels that we have with the Taliban on the diplomatic front.” After the last U.S. forces departed from the region, hundreds of Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan.

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