KINSELLA: Trudeau Liberals’ campaign keeps on stumbling


For Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, week one of the campaign went really, really badly. Week two, therefore, needed to go better. It didn’t. Here’s a roundup of the past week and a bit. When you eyeball it, you’ll understand why every published poll shows the Conservatives edging ahead. Aug. 25: The Liberal Party spent more than all other parties combined on Facebook ads in the first week of the campaign — but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the polling. Because the polling ain’t good. They’re losing. Aug. 26: Trudeau’s candidate for Trois-Rivieres wrote a column in July 2020 which criticized Trudeau’s “elastic ethics” in the wake of the WE Charity scandal. In other news, Grit candidate vetting is going swimmingly. Aug. 26: Our acting Chief of the Defence Staff says that Canada’s mission in Afghanistan has come to an end — even though Trudeau had said our Armed Forces would remain there until Aug. 31. Shame. After outcry — and after a column by yours truly! — the Public Health Agency of Canada reversed its plans to postpone briefings on the fourth wave during the election campaign. […]

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