Democratic Party of Tennessee Admits To Violations After Misreporting Millions Of Dollars


The Democratic Party of Tennessee agreed to pay a six-figure fine to settle a Federal Election Commission case alleging that it misreported millions of dollars in campaign funds, according to new FEC documents. In January, FEC commissioners voted unanimously that they found “reason to believe that the Tennessee Democratic Party violated” the law by “failing to report total receipts and disbursements,” “failing to itemize receipts received via joint fundraising transfers,” and “failing to maintain monthly payroll logs.” The FEC said that “during the 2016 election cycle, the [Party] Committee failed to disclose receipts and disbursements totaling $2,739,911 on its original reports filed with the commission.” It also “filed to itemize $1,509,766 in contributions” linked to joint fundraising activity, the term for when a political party splits donations with a campaign. Joint fundraising committees are the epicenter of wealthy political influence because parties are permitted to take larger donations than individual politicians can. “In addition, the Committee failed in its amended report to correctly report a gross, unitemized $78,999 fundraising contribution,” the FEC said.

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