Canadian GDP Drops: Canada’s Shrinking Economy Further Demonstrates Trudeau’s Failure


Shock decline in Canada’s GDP reveals how Trudeau has weakened and hollowed out the Canadian economy, creating an opening for both the Conservatives & NDP as Trudeau’s policies are discredited. Already reeling from a backlash against his vanity election, his willingness to divide the country, and his rampant dishonesty, the Trudeau Liberals are facing a much closer election than they expected. The debacle in Afghanistan — with many Canadian Citizens and those who helped Canada still trapped in the country after being abandoned by the Liberal government — has also led many Canadians to appreciate the importance of serious, competent leadership, something Justin Trudeau clearly doesn’t provide. As a result, a big Liberal lead in the polls over a Conservative Party that once seemed to be collapsing, has now turned into a neck and neck race, with some surveys even showing the CPC well out in front. Trudeau had certainly intended to campaign on the COVID response and the economy. […] Voters who stuck with the Liberals due to some sort of perceived strength on the economy will now look for alternatives, having seen that Trudeau’s policies have resulted in failure.

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