Can Americans still beat Democrat voter fraud?


The Democrats are the party of voter fraud. This is the basic fact of American politics. Republicans know it, and so do Democrats. We all know that the dead who vote always vote for the Democrat and that those voting enthusiasts who vote early and often can also be counted on to vote for the Democrat. Consequently, the rule in America has long been that to be elected, a Republican must win beyond the margin of theft. But the margin is changing. It is changing because the Democrats are getting bolder and more brazen. The extent of this brazenness is soon to be unveiled in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania as their state audits unfold. In 2020, the Democrats went wild. It was a voting fraud lollapalooza. The Republican candidate for president trounced the Democrat candidate — and yet the Democrats got away with stealing the election. This was not the relatively genteel theft on the margins that took the election from Nixon and gave it to Kennedy in 1960. Twenty twenty was huge. And it was more than a decisive Republican victory; it was one of those realigning presidential elections, one that signals a shift of dominance from one party to the other.

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