Why Biden is solely to blame for the fiasco in Afghanistan


Painting false equivalences is a tool that is frequently used by leftists when they commit massive blunders that are both untenable and undeniable. The most frequently used false equivalence used by the left is that all religious extremists are identical. We know that in modern times, there is only one group of religious extremists who kill blasphemers, who indulge in the savage practice of beheading, who subjugate women and compel them to cover up from head to toe, who perform honor killings, who practice slavery, who kill homosexuals, who amputate the offender’s hands for theft, and who persecute and kill followers of other religions. Now for the situation in Afghanistan. Biden and his allies realize that it is impossible to disguise or spin the situation to their advantage since the occurrences are unfolding right on our screens. Hence, they apply the false equivalence technique with claims that both President Trump and Biden are equally responsible for the catastrophe in Afghanistan. Some audacious propagandists even attempt to place the heavier burden of the blame on President Trump. The claim is that President Trump set the table and Biden took the tough decisions.

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