The compounded tragedy of conservative radio hosts dying of Covid-19


On Saturday night, Florida conservative talk radio show Marc Bernier, an outspoken opponent of masking and vaccines to combat Covid-19, died of Covid-19. Earlier in the day, Caleb Wallace, a prominent opponent of masks as a means to slow the spread of Covid-19, died of Covid-19. Wallace was 30 years old. Bernier was 65. The two deaths are simply the latest in a string of incidents in which crusaders against mask-wearing and vaccines have died — or been hospitalized — after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Bernier, in fact, was the third conservative talk radio host who opined against masks and expressed skepticism about the vaccine to die from Covid-19 in recent weeks. Earlier this month Dick Farrel, a Florida-based talk radio host, passed away from the coronavirus. Just last week, Nashville-based host Phil Valentine, 65, died from the virus.

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