President Trump Announces Iowa, Ga. Rallies Amid Biden’s Afghan Debacle


President Trump announced a series of upcoming political rallies as part of his Save America campaign. During an interview on Monday, the 45th president said he would hold rallies in Iowa and Georgia in the coming weeks. Trump is expected to rally opposition to Joe Biden’s failed policies on immigration and crime as well as the Afghan catastrophe, which he has been spoken out about in recent days. Trump also said congressional Republicans were lacking unity and strong leadership. He added this has allowed Democrats to implement some of their misguided policies. The 45th president went on to say Democrats were doing a very poor job. “I think they’re worse than Democrats. I think they’re communists, if you want to know the truth, because I really think they hate our country. Our country can’t go on like this,” he expressed. “…We’re going to Iowa, we’re going to Georgia, we’re going to some others. You have to see the anger and enthusiasm, by the way, the anger of the people.” Reports also cited unnamed officials in Iowa and Georgia, who confirmed major Trump rallies would take place in those states in short order.

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