Canada calls for “gendered” approach to combatting terrorism in UN submission


In a recent submission to the United Nations Security Council, the Canadian government advocated for a “gendered and intersectional” approach to preventing terrorism and violent extremism. Canada made the submission on July 28, 2021 during an informal meeting of the Council on “preventing terrorism and violent extremism through tackling gender stereotypes, masculinities, and structural gender inequality.” “As speakers have noted, gender stereotypes, masculinities, femininities, and gendered inequalities have long been exploited by violent extremist and terrorist groups to their own ends,” claimed the submission. “It is imperative that we continue working together to raise awareness of this phenomenon and advance comprehensive gender-responsive approaches to more effectively and sustainably counter terrorism and prevent and counter violent extremism.” Last year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lost a coveted seat on the Security Council to Ireland and Norway, after years of advocacy. In total, the failed bid cost Canadian taxpayers approximately $8.6 million. According to a press release on the terrorism summit, the meeting was organized by Mexico and others.

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