Biden’s Catastrophic Policies: Immigration and Afghanistan


The issue is how Biden ordered the removal of troops to be conducted- he got the sequence of the evacuation ass-backwards! At the pistol range the orders are, Ready– Aim– Fire. In essence, Biden’s orders were Fire– Ready– Aim! Sky divers are instructed to pull their ripcords BEFORE they hit the ground. Biden would have instructed them to pull the ripcord AFTER impact! Biden ordered our troops to abandon Kandahar International Airport, literally in the dead of night without even notifying Afghan troops who were fighting alongside American soldiers. Biden evacuated the soldiers before he evacuated American civilians or the Afghanis who had worked with our military and our government are were, consequently at mortal risk. This sets up a very real possibility of Americans and allies being taken hostage by the terrorists. Biden evacuated the military before removing or destroying a huge arsenal of military hardware and weaponry so that terrorists would have access to these weapons. Under federal law, anyone who provides weapons or items of potential military use to certain prohibited countries is subject to criminal prosecution that carries severe penalties.

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