Watch: Kabul TV host tells his audience ‘not to be afraid’ while held at gunpoint by Taliban


In a surreal scene, Taliban fighters held an Afghan TV presenter at gunpoint in his studio as he told the public not to fear the Taliban. Footage obtained by Hillel Neuer appears to show the host of the ‘Peace Studio,’ a political debate program broadcasting out of Kabul, said that the “Islamic Emirate,” the new name of the country as proclaimed by the Taliban, wants the public to “cooperate with it” and “should not be afraid.” The Taliban’s track record of murdering TV presenters, including targeted violence against female journalists, is of grave cause for concern. While bodies like UNICEF take the Taliban’s reassurances about women’s rights at face value, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) report they have already taken female TV presenters off the air and beaten several journalists. As US and NATO allies’ evacuation operations wind down and the last American troops pull out from Hamid Karzai International Airport ahead of the August 31st withdrawal deadline, much remains uncertain about Afghanistan’s future.

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