Trudeau climate promises interrupted by angry crowd in Ontario


An angry crowd of agitators surrounded Justin Trudeau’s campaign buses and screamed profanity at the Liberal Leader during a campaign event in Cambridge, Ont., Sunday. The event was delayed more than hour as the throng of people blocked the entrance to the local sheet metal business where Trudeau made the first big climate announcement of his re-election effort. It also comes two days after a Trudeau rally in Bolton, Ont., was cancelled over security concerns from another angry crowd. Trudeau says he understands that the pandemic has increased the fear and anxiety in many, but condemned any threats or use of violence, racism and bigotry. He says people who deny science around vaccines and climate change are not the ones who are going to dictate how Canada moves forward, and the events of this campaign are deepening his resolve to push forward with his platform. But he was at times difficult to hear over the crowd, which repeatedly chanted expletive-filled slogans aimed at the Liberal leader and carried signs at least one of which included a photo of Trudeau about to be executed by hanging. Police physically carried one woman off the private property when she refused to move back.

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