New poll shows double digit Conservative lead over Liberals


The Conservatives shocking rise in the newest Mainstreet Research poll on Sunday showed their lead hit double digits for the first time. Six days after the Liberals fell behind the Conservatives in the polls, the trend deepened. In the last two days, the Trudeau Liberals fell five points to other parties, while their Conservative rivals have gained four during that period. The NDP also showed significant gains in recent polling period, going from 16 to 19 percent since the last polling results. The Bloc went from eight to seven percent, and the PPC went from two to five percent. While the Green Party lost three points, bringing them to just two percent of those polled. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially dropped the writ on August 15, declaring a snap election for September 20. There has never been a better time to call a federal election in Canada, said Abacus Data CEO, David Coletto on August 15. Among the reasons for the now rapidly plunging popularity of the prime minister is this government’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis, with thousands of Canadians still stranded and with no obvious way home at this point.

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