Flashback: The Canadian media happily covered angry protestors when they were heckling Conservatives


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to face angry protestors on the campaign trail, similar to Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he launched his 2015 re-election bid in Montreal. In August 2015, Harper boasted how the values of the Conservatives meshed with those of Quebecers at a Montreal hall situated in the city’s Mount Royal riding. The Conservatives haven’t won the seat in a quarter-century, which Tories claimed had a sizeable Jewish population who could have been wooed by Harper’s support of Israel on the world stage. Outside the hall, one man was arrested for uttering threats while other protestors slapped anti-Harper stickers on the Tory campaign bus, reported the National Post. Another protester entered the building repeatedly shouting, “Harper — dictator!” She was immediately tackled and hauled out of the venue. “Our road starts here in Montreal — at the heart of the great Quebecois nation,” said Harper to a crowd of several hundred chanting supporters. Similarly, Trudeau has been heckled by protestors during several campaign stops following the writ drop. In Mississauga, Ontario, an unknown protestor yelled, “You’re garbage, Trudeau.”

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