Conservative climate plan better than before, but still full of inconsistencies


The good news is that there is a plan. Right-leaning voters who care about climate finally have an option. Political party election platforms are generally long on aspirations and short on detail. This can make them challenging to evaluate, especially compared to lengthy (and oh so detailed!) policy documents, laws and regulations. The Conservative platform is no exception, spending eight pages on 13 different policy areas, including zero emissions vehicles, industrial emissions, technology investments and a low carbon fuel standard. The best part about the Conservative climate plan, Secure the Environment, is that there is one. The climate section of the platform is little different from the climate plan the Conservatives released in April 2021. However, as noted by several climate thought leaders in April, this plan is very different from the Conservative platform in the 2019 election. Fellow economist Andrew Leach noted then that the 2019 plan was a promise to do “nothing that costs anyone anything” and “nothing to disrupt the status quo.”

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