Baby Boomer Explains What’s Wrong with Millennials


If you’re over 50, you might remember occasionally seeing small children throw temper tantrums in public, 25 or 30 years ago, and wondering what those kids would be like when they grew up. Well, now you know. The problem is twofold. First, we Baby Boomers raised a generation of selfish, entitled brats. (I do not include my own children in that description, and if that seems hypocritical and self-serving — well, you don’t know my kids.) Second, in their entitled brattiness, an alarming percentage of that generation — the Millennials — has embraced socialism. That’s a disaster for this country because socialism is not just an evil ideology, although it is that — responsible, in its various iterations (including communism and fascism) for somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 million murders just in the last century or so. Nor is it merely an absurd economic system, although it is that, too, ignoring the immutable law of supply and demand as well as basic human nature.

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