Trudeau confronted by father of Iran plane crash victim at campaign stop


Merzhad Zarei moved swiftly through a crowd of people waiting to meet Justin Trudeau at an outdoor food-truck festival north of Toronto, hoping to get the Liberal leader’s attention. “Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Trudeau,” he shouted from behind a mask, as the incumbent prime minister turned his head. “You promised!” Trudeau was finishing up the second week of this campaign that ends on election day on Sept. 20, rolling out promise after promise of what a re-elected Liberal government would do. Zarei was there to remind Trudeau of another promise, one made months after the 2019 election. Zarei’s 18-year-old son Arad was on board Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 on Jan. 8, 2020, when it was shot down minutes after takeoff from Tehran. A few days, Zarei and other families of the victim met with Trudeau about the road ahead. Zarei recalled that Trudeau promised the families answers, accountability for those involved and ultimately justice for their loved ones.

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