Biden Tried to Send Pallets of Cash to the Taliban as Kabul Fell


Creating a hostage situation is a great pretext for funding Islamic terrorists. On August 14, Secretary of State Blinken spoke with Afghanistan’s former president and promised that the Biden administration would provide a bulk shipment of dollars. The next day Kabul fell. On that same call, Afghanistan’s former leader had agreed to surrender power to the Taliban. The Biden administration had effectively agreed to provide a massive infusion of cash to the Taliban. But the final deal fell through, the Afghan government fled, and the Taliban took Kabul. The bulk shipment of dollars never did arrive. Biden’s diplomats scrambled to evacuate from Kabul. Ajmal Ahmady, the governor of DAB, Afghanistan’s central bank, already had a ticket and headed to the airport. He managed to get on a military plane. Since then he’s tweeted that he was warned that the Taliban had come looking for him.

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